BJHS Teacher Showcase - December

About Mrs. Acevedo by: Hayley Cordova


     Mrs. Acevedo is our AMAZING math teacher, she also does math enrichment  if you need more help with math. Three words that would describe her are kind, compassionate, and smart. She chose math to teach because in high school this was one of the subjects she was good at. Also she started to grow a passion for  math. She wanted to become a teacher because her mom and her grandpa were teachers and they were her role models. She wanted to be just like them. Also she said, “As I got older I just wanted to help change a kid’s life. Hopefully for the better and just influence them.  Help them understand math and get a better love for it.”

    Things she likes about our school is the size of it. She likes the size because when she was growing up in a bigger school it was very chaotic. You didn't know a lot of people besides a few of your friends. She also likes how the community is always involved in our school.

    When I asked if she would ever like to go back to school to get a higher degree she said, ”Yes, I have been thinking about that. I’ve been considering going back to school sometime in the future.” 

   Mrs. Acevedo was always a quiet student in class. She would sit and do her work and when she was finished with that she would always read her book. She would always ask a lot of questions to make sure she understood the work. She would go to tutorials during lunch and after school to get help and make sure she   understood all of the work.

   Here are some things she likes to do in her spare time:  read, spend time with her family, and in the summers she likes to do something out of her comfort zone to push that boundary. 

   If she could meet a famous person living today it would be Emma 

Watson. She would want to meet her because she liked her in the Harry Potter movies. Mrs Acevedo also likes her because she’s always trying to make the world a better place, and she's always encouraging people to be a better person. She also seems like a fun person to hang out with and she seems like a good role model.

  Her favorite memory growing up as a child was when she lived in Colorado and she had this Crabapple tree in her backyard.  She and her family would have fights with them and chunk them at each other. She says the bruises were horrible, but it was really fun at the same time.

  After hearing all this information from Mrs. Acevedo, I think she is an even more interesting teacher!