BJHS Teacher Showcase -January

Ms.Cauley by Annelisse Hale



A little know fact about one of our favorite eighth grade teachers is her love of cacti.  Actually, everyone knows about her love for the cactus, they’re all over her room!  Mrs. Cauley teaches social studies in 8th grade as well as a few sections of seventh grade. She thinks it is a  “Fascinating” subject to teach. Her dad taught social studies for 27 years, and she sees him as her role model.

Three words to describe her are energetic, responsible, and funny. She is energetic when she teaches. She is always up and down out of her desk, moving around everywhere helping students learn. She is strict, but funny. 

Another one of her responsibilities is being the junior high cheer sponsor, which she loves. She was a cheerleader in junior high and high school for 6 years. She attended Wall, but don’t hold that against her, because she says she’s a Bearcat all the way.  

Mrs. Cauley Graduated college from Angelo State University, she feels her two kids are her greatest accomplishment. She is most proud of her children, her son Quinn, and her daughter Rylie.  She talks about them all the time.

Her Favorite famous person is Nolan Ryan. He pitched for the Texans Rangers.  She loves going to baseball games!

She wants to live in the Runnels county area and just have a nice life after teaching social studies. 

Amaya Segovia, an eighth grader In her class, thinks she is responsible, authentic, respectful, and smart. Amaya considers her class “a breath of fresh air”.  It is easy to tell that she bonds with the students and they like learning in her class.  Eighth grade students Martin Quiroga and Amara Harris both agree that she is funny and relatable.  She seems to be more modern in her approach to teaching.  She even has her own bit-emoji for her snapchat. (Of course she doesn’t use social media with students.)

Ballinger Junior High is lucky to have such a caring teacher!