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Stacy Tucker has headed the leadership team at Ballinger Junior High School since 2015.  He attended West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology.  He attended Lamar University and was awarded a Master of Education in School Administration. Stacy Tucker sees himself as continuing the long tradition of excellence at Ballinger Junior High School. Mr. Tucker stated, “If you walk the hallways of our school, the walls are lined with trophies and plaques of students’ academic and extracurricular successes that go back generations. My contribution to this tradition is a saying that has blossomed into a belief about the tradition that lives on in Ballinger. Every year I start off the year, and eventually the students get tired of hearing me say it to them, “Today is the best YOU that you can be, tomorrow I expect you to be better.” It is a growth mindset that I believe parents, teachers, students, and the community expects. This expectation permeates the hallways of BJHS and extends beyond these walls into academics, leadership, and community service. Students know that we care about his or her future, and we are invested in their outcome. It is this culture of “The best YOU you can be” that drives the tradition that lives on year after year.” Mr. Tucker is honored at the recognition, but believes that the successes of the school are just the beginning. We have a lot more work to do and we can always improve, and we will continue to get better.