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Teacher Contact: 

The best way to contact me is through my school E-mail : .

You may also call the school and leave a message at 325-365-3537 ext 4024.

If you have a message for your student please contact the office at the same number as I may not review your message until the end of the day.


If you would like to schedule a conference with me, my conference time is 7:55-8:30.

You will have to schedule any conferences in advance.



Assignments will be in one of two categories, daily   “work/ homework” or “test/ projects”.  Daily work will count as 60% of a students grade and Test will count as 40%. 


 Late Work Policy 

If an assignment is not turned in on time, it is considered late unless the student is absent. If you are absent the day an assignment/project is due, it will be due on the day your return. Late work turned in: 

  • 1 day late will result in a score that is 80% of theeligiblegrade
  • 2 days late will result in a score that is 50% of theeligiblegrade
  • 3 days late will result in a score that is  0 % of theeligiblegrade
  • After 3 school days:
    •  The teacher will contact parents and assign a one-day ZAP detentionafter school(3:38-4:08pm on Tuesday or Thursday).  
    • The teacher will submit a discipline referral to Mr. Tucker.  
    • During ZAP, the student will complete and turn in anALTERNATEassignment.
  • Example:  Assignment is due on Tuesday.  
    • Student doesnotturn assignment in on Tuesday.  Still able to earn80%of the eligible grade if turned in on Wednesday.
    • Student doesnotturn assignment in on Wednesday.  Still able to earn50%of the eligible grade if turned in on Thursday.  
    • Student doesnotturn assignment in on Thursday.  Student has now earned azeroin the Gradebook.   The student willalsobe assigned a ZAP tutorial. The teacher will contact the student’s parent to make ZAP detention assignment.  


Student expectations:


Students are expected to follow the student code of conduct and dress code.

In addition students are expected to be:





Cell Phones:


Students will not use cell phones during class.  Parents will need to contact the office to get a message to their child.  Students will NOT be allowed call or text parents or answer calls or text from parents during class.  If you have an emergency contact the office. 


No parent should show up at the classroom even if they work in the building.  Please follow procedure and check into the office. 


Students are required to bring the following to class daily:


*  A Pen  ( Blue or Black )      * Loose Leaf Notebook Paper    * Their Laptop Computer     *  A Pencil                                   *  When Available, Their A.R. Book    * A Willing Attitude


It would be great if they had:


A red pen, a high lighter, and map colors everyday.


Parents, I am not asking for hand sanitizer, or Kleenex, or glue sticks for the class to use.  I am a parent and I know how expensive all this can be at the start of the year.

IF you want to sent those kinds of things at anytime of the year, I will be grateful but you don’t have too. 


We are starting a Theater program at the Jr. High and we have very limited supplies and no budget.  At various times I will be asking for props and costume help. 


If you have the item or type clothing we are looking for and you would like to DONATE it to us ( I say donate because we might break it of destroy it, so we don’t want to borrow anything unless we have too ) we would be glad to have it. 


Also for parents of students in Theater : I DON’T SEW.   I may have to ask you to hem a skirt or pants.  



Parents,  I will do everything I can to treat your child with respect and to help them be successful in this class and help prepare them for the future.


Please complete the attached page, sign, and return it so that your child may receive a 100 for their first daily assignment.







Please complete this page, sign, and return it so that your child may receive a 100 for their first daily assignment.



Student Name  ____________________________________________________________________________


What name do you go by?  _______________________________________________________________


Student address ___________________________________________________________________________


Parent / Guardian name __________________________________________________________________


Address _____________________________________________________________________________________


Daytime phone number ___________________________________________________________________


Night time number if different ____________________________________________________________


Is there anything that I need to know about your child that will help me help them to be successful?  



















Parent / Guardian  Signature ________________________________________________    Date _______________

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