Science Contract

Science Classroom Student Safety Contract


The following standard procedures will apply to the 8th Grade science lab class with Ms. Schmiedekamp at Ballinger Junior High School. Students must adhere to these rules and practice acceptable behaviors to make this area safe for ALL students.

Safety Rules:

  1. Students may not work in the science lab without a certified science teacher present.
  2. Do not handle equipment and supplies set up in the lab until given instruction to do so from Ms. Schmiedekamp.
  3. Eye protection, gloves, and a lab apron must be worn when required by Ms. Schmiedekamp.
  4. No eating or drinking is permitted during science labs unless a consumable is part of a lab procedure and Ms. Schmiedekamp gives permission to eat the consumable.
  5. No unauthorized experimentation is allowed.
  6. Follow lab procedures carefully and accurately. Do not proceed with any experiment if you do not understand the procedure.
  7. Clean up spills promptly. If you have a question on spill clean up, ask Ms. Schmiedekamp.
  8. If glass breaks, notify Ms. Schmiedekamp immediately. Clean up broken glass using a broom and dustpan and dispose of in the proper container, not the wastebasket.
  9. Students must clean the work area and wash hands thoroughly before leaving the room.
  10. Report all injuries, no matter how minor, to Ms. Schmiedekamp. Ms. Schmiedekamp will give guidance on the treatment needed and direct the student to the nurse’s office, if needed.

Response to Student Violations of Rules:

Depending on the severity of the incident, Ms. Schmiedekamp may respond by taking any of the following actions:

  • Verbal warning from teacher, record is kept of the infraction.
  • Review of rule involved; parent and student sign agreement that the rule is understood and will be followed.
  • Removal from class for the duration of the class period and parent is contacted.
  • Discipline referral, parent contacted, and administration determine further consequences.