Class Expectations

6th Grade Science Important Information

Mrs. Gray

Room 605

(325) 365-7500 ext 4013

Conference: 2:04 - 2:49

Welcome to 6th grade science for the 2018-2019 school year.  I am delighted to have you in my class and look forward to getting to know you as a scientist.  I am committed to helping you understand and be successful in science by helping you make sense of the scientific world around you.  As we begin this new journey together you will be introduced to many new science concepts and techniques as well as learn new ways to utilize technology.  

So scientists, our goal this year is to expand your knowledge in the science field.  To reach our goal, you will be expected to think more critically, keep a journal and science binder, use technology, report home your accomplishments, and work together on various tasks.  Are you ready for the challenge???

Ballinger Jr. High School Rules

  1. Maintain a behavior that does not interfere with teaching or will not prevent you or others from learning.
  2. Respect yourself, others, and your school.

Science Classroom Rules

Respect yourself

Respect your classmates

Respect your teacher

Respect your classroom

Grading Policy

20% participation 

Participation grade is based on aspects such as being prepared, having necessary supplies (binder, planner, pencil/pen, journal, computer, computer charger) following directions, and classroom behavior.  Not maintaining appropriate behavior or not being prepared will result in a minimum 20 point reduction in participation grade per day.

30% classwork and homework

Work not completed in class will become homework.  All assignments are due the next day unless otherwise stated.  If an assignment is not turned in on time, it is considered late unless the student is absent. If you are absent the day an assignment/project is due, it will be due on the day your return.   Incomplete work will result in lunch detention with Mrs Gray along with reduction in grade.  Excessive late, missing, and/or incomplete assignments will result in parent phone call

Work not turned in by due date will be graded as follows:


1 day late will result in a score that is 80% of the eligible grade 

2 days late will result in a score that is 50% of the eligible grade 

3 days late will result in a score that is  0 % of the eligible grade 

After 3 school days: 

Parent will be contacted about missing assignment

Student will receive a disciplinary office referral.   

Additional consequences will follow the schools discipline plan.

50 % Major 

Quizzes, tests, projects, and binders.  Binders will be kept to ensure students stay organized throughout the year.  This will also serve as a useful tool for studying before quizzes/tests.  Periodic binders checks will be a major grade each six weeks.


It is YOUR responsibility to check the make up work folder and to complete any missed assignments when you are away from class due to illness, school function, etc. and turn them in upon returning to class.   If you know in advance you will be gone please stop by and get your assignments before you leave.  Also, make sure you check the absent folder for your work if you did not get it before hand.  In compliance with Ballinger ISD absent policy, students will be given one (1) day for each day absent to make up any missed assignments.  If an assignment was assigned before the student is absent, the assignment will be due the day the student returns to class.  In Gradebook, any missing work will be recorded as a MISSING until it is turned in.  Having excessive absences lead to learning gaps and failing grades. 


Class participation is the cornerstone to being a successful student.  Our time together is extremely limited therefore we must use it wisely.  It is my responsibility to ensure that all students have the same opportunities to learn therefore disruption will not be allowed to interfere with your or your peer’s education.  

Disruptions include but are not limited to off task behavior, not being prepared (forgetting computer, computer charger, not having necessary supplies, journal, binder, etc), rude or impolite comments to teacher or classmate, class disruption, disrespect to substitute teacher.  Misbehaving for a substitute will result in a reduced participation grade for the week along with additional consequences depending on the level of offense.  

Group Work

Occasionally you will be required to work with a partner to complete classroom tasks.  During this time you are expected to be respectful to one another, participate in assignment, and work together.  If problems arise, please let me know so that we can find a solution.  

Academic Dishonesty

A student found to have engaged in academic dishonesty shall be subject to grade penalties on assignments or tests and disciplinary penalties in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. Academic dishonesty includes cheating or copying the work of another student, plagiarism, and unauthorized communication between students during an examination. Academic dishonesty will result in a phone call to parent/guardian, zero recorded for assignment, and the student will receive an office referral. (Please review the school policy for more information on academic dishonesty)

Consequences for misbehaving

Level 1: Verbal warning (student’s name is placed in behavior log by teacher) and loss of participation points.

Level 2: Last out of the classroom along with discussion about behavior.  Student must remain seated until dismissed by teacher, loss of participation points, parent phone call 

Level 3: Lunch detention with Mrs. Gray, loss of participation points, parent phone call

Level 4: Formal referral to lunch detention, loss of participation points, parent phone all

Level 5: Office referral to appropriate administrator, loss of participation points, parent phone call

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