Class Procedures

I believe that the classroom needs to be a safe place for all students.  My classroom is a judgement free zone and kids are able to ask questions without being scared. 
I like to keep the rules of my class very basic.  Everything falls under respect, having respect for yourself, your peers, all adults, and the classroom.

Coach Neumann’s 6th Grade Math Syllabus


General Class Description:

This year as a 6th grader, we will be continuing with the main concepts as years past, as well as introducing new ones to the mix.  My goal is year is to make math as easy and enjoyable as possible.  You are expected to come in with an open mind, willing to learn, and be prepared each class period.


Necessary Supplies:

Pencil/Eraser                         Grading Pen/Marker                 Scissors      

Completed Assignments     Composition Notebook            Glue Stick 


Grading Policy

50% Daily Work

  • 15% Participation

    This grade is based on the student being prepared, have class assignments, composition notebook, pencils, as well as other necessary supplies (binder, agenda book, etc).  This grade is also based on the classroom behavior.  Students will be given handouts that are to be put in their composition.  Failure to complete the handouts will affect their participation grade.  Students are expected to be respectful towards their peers, as well as the classroom teacher, whether it is a substitute teacher or myself.

  • 15% Composition Notebook Organization/Interactive Folder

    Each student is expected to keep a composition in the classroom that will have their warm-ups, all notes from previous units covered, as well as any other handouts they are given.   They will also be given a folder that we will be adding different rules and concepts to as the year goes on.  The students are responsible to keep up with their folder and bring them to class.

  • 20% Classroom/Homework

    When homework is given it is to be turned in the following school day, unless otherwise stated.  If turned in late, there is a late work policy adopted by Ballinger Junior High.

    50% Tests and Quizzes

  • 20% Quizzes

    After completing a section on a unit there will be a quiz.  Students will be able to use their interactive folder during the quizzes.

  • 30% Tests

After completing a unit there will be a unit test.  Students will be able to use their interactive folder during these tests.



It is the student’s responsibility to make up any work while they were out.  There are folders located in the front of the room with the assignments that were discussed while the student was out.  The students need to look over the section of the handout(s) that were discussed and come to me during lunch/tutorials for any questions they may have.


Classroom Rules

  1. Show respect for yourself, your peers, and all teachers.
  2. When you step into the classroom you are prepared to work.Take care of your business before entering the classroom.
  3. Be courteous to others.Ex.Keep hands and feet to yourself; don’t talk while others are talking, etc.
  4. Work Quietly



1st Offense:  Verbal Warning

2nd Offense:  Individual Discussion and Parent Phone Call

3rd Offense:  Office Referral


Conference Period and Contact Information

Room 602

1st Period Conference


Phone:  (325)365-7500 ext: 4026

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