8th Grade Math Syllabus

Mrs. Acevedo’s Syllabus

8thGrade Math

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Conference:7:55 - 8:40


Course Overview

This mathematics course will cover standard mathematic, algebraic, geometrical and problem solving as outlines in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)


Course Goals

The goals of this 8thgrade Math course will enable students to understand and apply basic math, simple algebraic and geometric concepts and to problem solve. In addition, the student will be prepared for the 8thgrade STAAR test and to enter Algebra I the following year.


Course Grading Procedure

One item from each group will be dropped each six weeks. 

Tests/Projects                                      50%

Homework                                          25%

Quizzes/Test Corrections                    25%


Classroom Procedures

  • Homework is given daily, except for test days. They are due the next day unless otherwise stated.
    • Homework can be found and downloaded TEAMS. 
  • Quizzes that cover everything learned from the week before will be held on Mondays. Quizzes over squares and cubes will be every Tuesday.
  • Tests are given every Wednesday. 
    • Everyone will do test corrections for every test. They are due the day before the next test given.
    • If you miss a test you have a week to come in and take it.
  • There will be a project every six-week period and will be counted as a test grade. 


Late Assignment Policy

If homework is not turned in on time then it is considered late. If the assignment is one day late the 20 points will be taken off and they can make up to an 80. If the assignment is two days late 50 points get taken off and they can make up to a 50. If the assignment is three days late then it will result in a 0, parent/guardian will be contacted, the student will be given detention and a referral to the principal.


Make up Policy for Absence 

If the student is absent then the homework that was due the day they missed is due the day they get back. They will receive the amount of days absent plus a day to complete missing assignments. If you miss a test, you have a week to come in a take it during your own free time. Not during my class period. 


Materials Required

Students will be required to supply pen (to grade with, any color is fine), pencil, highlighter, and notebook paper.


Classroom Management Plan

  • Classroom Rules
    • Be on-time, on-task and Prepared to learn everyday.
    • Put all personal electronics away.
    • Be responsible for your own learning.
    • Respect the teacher, the classroom, and other students.
  • Student Expectations
    • Arrive in class on time and be seated prior to the tardy bell.
    • Be prepared for class to start immediately after the tardy bell.
    • Utilize class time; remain on task.
    • Listen attentively; take good notes; respond effectively.
    • Exhibit an attitude conductive to learning
    • The student is responsible for his/he make-up work.
    • The student is encouraged and expected to ask questions.
    • The student must follow all school rules as stated in the handbook.
  • Positives
    • Food in class (end of six week period)
    • Extra points on Six Weeks Test
    • Class choice (my approval needed)
  • Consequences
    • Warning 
    • Privilege taken away
      • Ex: recess, food in room, held after class for a longer period of time
      • Last one out of the room (must stay seated the whole time)
    • Parent Contact
    • Administrator/Dentition
      • *Extreme: directly to administrator


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