BJHS Students make All Region Band

A big congratulations and a job well done to everyone who performed at the JH All-Region audition!  Each one of can be proud of your hard work.  In addition to great auditions, the following band members made the All-Region Band.  These students were chosen from over 300 auditioning students:

Of the 59 trumpets who auditioned the following made the band:
Monte McKinnon - 1st Chair Trumpet
Bradley Valenzuela - 4th Chair Trumpet
Natalia Rangel - 14th Chair Trumpet

Of the 24 Baritones who auditioned:
Dakota Falcon - 3rd Chair Baritone
Roberto Roman - 4th Chair Baritone

Of the 32 Percussionists:
Nicolaas Holder - 7th Chair percussion
Runner up was Damian Knight

Of the 25 French Horns:
Evan Busenlehner - 5th chair French Horn
Mason McKillip - 8th chair French Horn

Of the 38 Trombones:
Damien Ornelaz -1st Chair -

Of the 50 Clarinets:
Cooper Binder - 5th Chair Clarinet
Kendall Galvan-Smith - 7th chair clarinet
Hadan Coy - 10th chair clarinet

Of the 49 Flutes:
Kira Garcia - 1st Chair flute
Angie Lopez - 2nd Char flute
Stephanie Ordez - 10th chair flute

Of the 31 alto saxes:
Miguel Rangel - 4th Chair saxophone

Cayley Campbell made 1st Chair Oboe